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Stay Focused on the End Goal

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Stay Focused on the End Goal

Staying focused is sometimes hard to do, when you are exposed to so many ways to make money online. Do one thing at a time, if you don't, you will spread yourself too thin, and your efforts will not be productive.

Make a plan and stick with it, and don't except great results overnight. It will take time and hard work.

Online success is gained by doing so tasks repeatedly day after day. Start small and your efforts will multiply day after day.

The ones that are self-motivated and patient are well on their way to online success. You will not have a boss over your shoulder telling you what to do and when to do it and how many times to do it everyday, that person is you.

Track you progress and establish goals and you will have something to work towards, a real sense of accomplishment.
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Thank you steve875, I think that your words are exactly what I was looking for and needed.
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