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Similar Products

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Similar Products

Hi everyone,

Ive purchased affilobluprint not long ago and im impressed !
i think its a great course already...

when i was looking for a niche ive found home made energy as a good one
as well as 5 product with very high gravity...

problem is it seems that all 5 products are offering the same thing
is it ok to use all 5 of them together in my website?

Thanks Ahead

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You could use some of them for reviews.

Find the product that gives the most value to the costumer, then set up a review page to direct the costumers towards that product.
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Hi Idan,

Even though the produts might be similar, there will be some differences between them that you can capitalize on. For example, for two 'build your own solar energy panels' products, you could promote one as being best for beginners/people who know nothing about DIY, and the other as being best for people on a tight budget. If you look hard enough you can also find ways to differentiate even the most similar products so that you can divvy up your promotion based on what product is most relevant to what article.
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