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Should I buy Expired Domains?

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Should I buy Expired Domains?

Mark, would it help people to buy an expiring domain with some authority instead of buying a brand new domain? You can go to godaddy and buy a domain with pagerank and backlinks already built in. Wouldnt this help speed up some of the progress and get you almost immediate traffic?
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The page rank and backlinks already built in are based on the current content of the expired/expiring domain. Needless to say, that content is not your own and may not even be on topic for the niche you have chosen. You need to consider what will happen to the established page rank and the backlinks when you replace the built in content with your own. A hundred to one, chances are that the PR will plunge and the backlinks will disappear and it will then be just the same as a brand new domain.
In addition, an expired/expiring domain is much more expensive than a brand new one. You would be better off starting from scratch and using the extra money to establish the reputation of your new website using your own content and build your own backlinks from relevant sites.
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oo...thanks for info...
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