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Selling English Language Products in Foreign Countries

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Selling English Language Products in Foreign Countries

Hi all,

I live in the Netherlands and I'm aiming to cater to the Dutch audience. Many Dutch people speak reasonably good English. When I run a few checks with Google's keyword tool I notice very often that Dutch people search with English words.

I would promote Dutch language products but they are scarce, and very often of poor quality. The Dutch market can be lucrative for me because I know this language really well being a native speaker.

I'm wondering; how well will English products convert in Holland? They are likely to convert less well, even if I'd target English keywords searched in this country, but to what extent? I find that, in Holland, there's much less competition so it would be easier for me to rank for these keywords, but I need to find some good products here, and the best ones are found at Clickbank, which is in English.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards Rudolf
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In week 1 of AffiloBlueprint theres a lot of material there about doing keyword research because its a really good way to figure out (a) if a market is worth getting into or (b) how much demand/competition there is.

You can use Traffic Travis or the Google Keyword Tool to look at search volumes and localize the keyword settings.

If you think that they know English well enough but are interested in learning other languages then maybe you could promote these courses?
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If the market is worth getting into based on your market/keyword research, I believe that you will indeed have a very good chance of success in promoting products that are presented in the English language, primarily because you are a native and would know how to localize the products and also because a lot of people in the Netherlands do speak English. My sister visits the Netherlands often when she is in Antwerp (she is there right now, working on her PhD at the Institute of Tropical Medicine) and she is all praises on how well the people over there communicate in English, given the fact that it is not even a medium of instruction.
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