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Requesting Review of My Website

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Requesting Review of My Website

I'm relatively new to website ownership and affiliate marketing. Before I begin advertising the site, I need a pair of fresh eyes to comb through it and tell me the pros and cons they notice that I may not see. Thanks.

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Hi Deontay,
The first thing I saw was the big iPad image, then I read the Title text "Tablet .vs. Tablet",
really wasn't sure what to do after that, so I scrolled a bit and saw all the posts and then figured out
this is a content site, I had missed and skipped over that red text "This site aims to make your choice easier, with daily updates covering news, reviews, insights, best prices, accessories and videos.", so maybe you could
have that show up 'above the fold' and visitors could figure out what the site is all about faster because
according to the experts you should aim to answer in 7 seconds these three questions:

Where Am I?
What Can I Do Here?
Why Should I Do It?

http://www.marketingexperiments.com/imp ... asion.html

I recommend watching the presentation it is conversion optimization gold.

Also visit their youtube channel it's literally hours of free training.


Hope this helps.

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Hi deontayhenderson,

I suggest you change your layout a bit. I find your site a bit too crowded. I suggest you maintain 2 columns for your site and perhaps give more space to your header and top navigation sections. Try to add a good header and get rid of the large images of ipad and kindle. You may instead attach these photos in your header section.

I also find your homepage too much of graphics than content. This may be because you have small fonts or perhaps because of the three-column layout that makes your graphics look too close to each other.

You need to improve the layout and the navigation of your website as I find it hard to which content to read first and where do I click what to go to this and that. I hope that makes sense? :)

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