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Question -about the gravity of products.

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Question -about the gravity of products.

I am new to affiliate marketing. I am currently in the research phase. I searched clickbank for a profitable niche. Found a few possibilites. Of the possibilites I picked the one I wanted to go with because it's on a topic that I already know something about. That is important to me because the ones I don't know anything about are going to require more research from me which I really don't want to have to do right now. There is a couple of problems, however. One -it isn't a subject that really solves a problem. That kind of product would probably convert better. No, my choice is more of an education product. And two -the ones with the highest gravity on this topic are around the 20.00 to 25.00 range. I know Mark says to have at least one with a gravity of 30.00 or higher, but there aren't any on this topic. Do you think if I promoted four products in this range (20.00 - 25.00) that it could do alright?
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With out knowing what niche or product you are talking about i would have to say go with your instincts, especially if you are knowledgeable in this area.

Is any one running PPC ads on the keywords that you plan to target? Check the Google keyword tool, if people are paying a buck or more to run a PPC campaign, its because there is money to be made in that Niche.

Can you build a list in this niche? if so all the better!

20 is not a low gravity by any stretch of the imagination.

PS The Goode Adwords tool no longer shows what the cost per click is unless you sign in through an adwords account. If you don't have on you can P.M. me with your keywords and I will check things out for you.
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JC is right. A gravity of 20 to 25 is not so low and having knowledge and genuine interest in the niche you want to get into will help you a lot. How you intend to market and promote the products is more weighty than its gravity.
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