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Question about managing keyword list in Traffic Travis

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Question about managing keyword list in Traffic Travis

I sorted my keyword phrases in Traffic Travis. I put what I could into sets. In my remaining list I noticed that there were a bunch of phrases that really weren't getting many searches at all in google, not to mention the other two search engines. Traffic Travis shows how many searches each phrase is getting from high to low. So, if I scrowl down to the bottom of my list you can see that some phrases aren't getting but 2 searches a day. Maybe another phrase is getting 8 or 10 searches a day in google. I figure, surely I don't want to waste my time with these phrases that hardly anybody is searching. So, before I take my list to Google keyword tool or one of the other tools, maybe I should get rid of some of these pointless low searched phrases. My question is, at what point should I consider it a waste of my time? -If it has fewer than 20 searches a day in google, or maybe 50 a day? Really, I have no idea. Anybody have any advice here? There are a lot of them that are getting very few searches a day, so it would be helpful to get some of them out of my way and off my list.
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Personally, any keyword/s that has less that 50 searches in a day is no-no for me. I usually create a list of about 20 keywords that total 5,000 searches in a day so I need keywords that make more than 50 searches per day.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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one thing I have found is that the search volumes the old version of TT give off are not always accurate, so always check the Google kw tool to see the search volumes. I generally look for keywords with at least 100 monthly searches. some people say these are too low, but they are also a lot less competetive. as you learn how to pick out buyer intent keywords, these will often get really low search volumes, but they also convert a lot better. I would rather have a keyword that gets 100 visitors a month and converts to 3-4 sales a month vs a keyword that gets 1000 monthly visitors and gets 1 sale a month
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