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Question about keyword competition

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Question about keyword competition

I decided to put what i learned in the blogging boot camp to work promoting a physical product.

I simply decided not to swim with the sharks in the Clickbank arena.

I belong to the Amazon and Ebay affiliate programs

Any way the product I am targeting seems to have tens of thousands of individual makes and modles. Many that recieve 800 to 1500 searches a month. Many have practically no competition. Some as low as 40 in quotes.

Now for the question. Many of the micro niche keywords have ebay and Grieg's List listings up high on the first page. Should I regard these as tough to beat because they are authority sites or are these listing ranking so high because there is no optimized competition on these words.

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Fire up Traffic Travis and see. All you have to do is to look in the SEO Analysis section and put in your keyword and you can see how well optimized the top 20 sites are.

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