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Question about Adsense CPC

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Question about Adsense CPC

Hi there,

I am having some success with some adsense sites and am trying to ramp them up a little bit and include some higher paying keywords.

What I don't know is when those ads get served up. For example, if I have a site called

icecream.com and my main keyword is ice cream. CPC may show .15 cents.
However, chocolate ice cream keyword may show 1.10 for CPC.

If I have both these keywords on the same page, how does Google decide which CPC to pay? Does it depend on what search term was used to find the site?

Any clarification on this would be great.
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Hi stacierunner,

Google adsense automatically generates ads depending on the keywords that your working on. The ads that you will see on your site will have different costs per click. So, if a user clicks on a high CPC ad, then Google will automatically capture that information. Basically, the figures you might see in your earnings would be a combination of High and Low Cost-per-clicks. If you think of it, the better keywords your working on might give you better earnings. Go to this link: http://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=59136&ctx=cb&src=cb&cbid=-1hyscpuia366x&cbrank=1 to read more information.

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Hi Stacierunner

I believe Google serves a page by what ads are available. If you had a page that was optimized for chocolate icecream and there are two ads available the top spot will be taken by the chocolate icecream ad at a cost that is 1 cent more than the second bid. Other spots may be taken up by people who are targeting icecream and then food and then diet until all the spots are taken. You can see how Google views your site in general in webmaster tools.

If there was only one chocolate icecream ad (cpc1.10) available and the second spot was filled by the icecream ad (cpc .15) the chocolate icecream ad would be displayed in the top spot at .16 cents not the 1.15

If you allow third party ads preference or google remarketing the ads may not be related to your site at all.

I have one site that is making about $60/day in adsense and one thing I did that increased earnings (doubled) without an increase in traffic was change the style of ads to appear on the site to Googles top performers. I use the 336x280, 468x60 and 300x250. These ads are the most used by people advertising with graphic ads and get a higher pay per click. Also having three different adverts means you get the highest bidder for each group. If you have two groups the same and the first group has three ads then the fourth highest bidder appears at the top of the second group.

hope this helpful
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