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PPC Landing Pages

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PPC Landing Pages


I am thinking of setting up a dog training website.

I would like to have about 20 articles, each dealing with a specific behavioral problem. Would something like this be conducive to PPC ? I know that I would need a separate landing page for each ad group, but I am worried that if I set up an ad focusing on, for example, the keyword "stop dog barking", would I also not need this phrase interspersed through my website, in addition to my landing page, for relevancy purposes? It would be hard to have this keyword phrase on another page such as "stop dog jumping".

I am assuming Google would not take kindly to a website constituted mainly of landing pages?

I suppose I could other articles, with relevant keywords in the articles.

Thank you.
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usually what mark teaches to do is build an article site based around the keywords, and use product reviews for the landing pages, because they convert better to sales. Mark has a lot of training on this in his training courses.
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