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Please help me define my niche

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Please help me define my niche

Hi I am new here and am going to start to get down to buisness.
I am into DIY natural and organic hair and body butters and essential oils. I am asking what catagory this would fall under? Would that be under the Health category? ONLY natural and Organic ingredients to aid in hair and skin care.
I am trying to come up with a niche that is in the health area. But i dont want my ideas to go out of the box and be all over the place. I know i want to focus on health, but i need to zone in more.
Would it be too much to add other health topics to my website? How broad is too broad?
I want to add healthy recipies and tricks for eating for Weight Management, and a few articles on dance moves to trendy music, to make a woman feel sexy while they are shaping and tonning their body.
Any help for me about how i can group these topics?
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Your ideas fall under Health and Beauty niche. If you want to focus more on a sub-niche, you can just choose one topic under the health and beauty niche. You can refer to our example sub-niche for health and beauty here for ideas how we build and promote a sub-niche: https://www.affilorama.com/blog/more-wr ... e-programs
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