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opt in boxes

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opt in boxes

Can someone please tell me how I can get some sort of freebie to give away from my site to encourage people to come back. I am also trying to build a downline and not sure how to go about it
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Hi Debdix,

There are a number of things you could do. The most popular is to offer an ebook as a freebie. You can compile your own freebie or use PLR content to do this. You could also offer a free training course via email, say a 5 part series teaching something relevant to your niche. You could also offer a buyers guide or an interview. It's really up to you to be creative. :)

Whatever you choose to do though, give it some thought and make sure to put your best foot forward to leave a lasting impression. I'm not asking you to give away everything you have, but I am asking you to give the BEST that you have.

Hope that helps,
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It depends on the niche you are in so you need to give it some thought. If your niche is in the self-development niche, then a 5-part mini course on how to build self-confidence would be great. You get people to opt-in so you build a list while offering visitors this freebie, and at the end of the course (or even during the course), a soft-sell on a related product. :)
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