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Now in 2013, is helpfull to read affiliate projectX book?

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Now in 2013, is helpfull to read affiliate projectX book?

Hi, i´ve heard wonders about affiliate project X book, but that was on 2006, now in 2013 would it be helpfull to read this book, considering things has changed a lot? or should i better won´t waste my time? in wich case wich seo or marketing book would you reccomend me to read? thanks for any helpfull tips
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Hi angelnewsletters,

I suggest you get in touch with the creators of Affiliate Project X book and ask if they have updated the book since it was first released. maybe it has, and if so, then it is relevant to the times. We initially released the Affiloblueprint course several years back, and have upgraded/updated the course a few times now. (The third major version was recently updated). So maybe, Affiliate Project X book is the same.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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