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Newbie here-Fresh Meat in the Lobby..

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Newbie here-Fresh Meat in the Lobby..

I have been studying affiliate marketing full-time for the last 2 months. I had no idea what it was all about prior to that. I am an ex-pat living in Costa Rica and was exploring a way to supplement my income.

To cut to the chase: I decided on my niche a couple of weeks ago and have been focused on researching that niche. The niche is green energy on a budget which should appeal to DIY's who want to do something but don't have the resources to go the the conventional route of spending a lot of money.

In doing my rudimentary research I came across a logical combination of keywords that only show 2 results in a Google search. Every 'short string' around the these terms come up with over 2,000,000 results.

My question is: Should I keep these keywords under my hat until I can produce a quality eBook to offer for a price on ClickBank or use them in articles to drive opt-in traffic to my website under development?

Of course I am impatient to see some sales from affiliate products which I can offer. The quandary that comes to mind is the idea I have could be easily developed and monetized before I actually get a presentable and quality product to either offer as a publisher or a give-away to build my list.

I would love to hear from the veterans of affiliate marketing.

Thank You,
Jeff in Costa Rica
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mark schaaf
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My way of thinking is not to do anything until your site is ready that way when you do articles you will have a place to send people as well as getting a link to your site. Unfortunately everything on the web just takes a lot of time unless you have money to run ads to get traffic otherwise it is going to be a while before anyone will see your site. I have a green energy site myself and will have to admit I haven't done much to promote it and know I should. Just make sure you have good articles on your site and only try and get links from relevant sites which is sometimes difficult because how do you get links from sites that are trying to do the same thing as your site.
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