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Need help to start my own affiliate program

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Need help to start my own affiliate program


I need help to conceptualize and set-up my own affiliate program.
It would be great if I could find someone that could help in all steps, including design and integration.
So, basically, I am looking for a designer, that can also integrate (coder) and can also conceptualize an affiliate marketing (marketeer).
Is there someone with all this know-how around ? :)
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I am sure if there is anyone here that can help you they will PM you.
You can also try the Warrior forum.
You can also go to rentacoder or elance.

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If you need someone to help design ur sales page - add this dude to your skype: Dee Ferdinand

Hes, from East Jakarta, Indonesia.

Very good rate, sets out your page header, graphic pics, ebook cover etc.

He designed the farmville secrets guide sales page (the one that has over 100+ gravity on clickbank).

You need your own hosting and stuff, just send him a message on skype - he doesnt do email.

$250 US all up - hes a nice kid, very good manners i thought.
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