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Need Help Choosing a Domain Name...

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Need Help Choosing a Domain Name...

I want to target a local term that gets a good amount of search volume with minimal competition. Unfortunately my first choice is already registered so I need your help with the best alternative.

Say the ideal domain is OrlandoHomesForSale.com - but it's taken...which of the following would be your next choice?



Any other variations you can think of? The most important keyword being Orlando Homes.

BTW, this is just an example...not the actual domain I'm going after :)
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My I assume that .net and .org are taken.

I wouldn't use the "4" cuz it's not how people search.

I don't know about dashes, I don't see dashes high in the serps often.

You could change the order of the words, Homes for sale orlando.

I don't think it would hurt to add a word such as ,your, best, online, or what ever
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J.C. Dean
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actually, i use the numbers in my domians, and i rank well for the spelled out versions. of course, i dont worry about seo domains so much. it really doesnt matter what your domain is, no matter what anyone tells you. what matters is your meta tags with your keywords and your link building.
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