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Need advice on the Panic and Anxiety Niche

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Need advice on the Panic and Anxiety Niche


How is the panic and anxiety niche going for you, strictly SEO wise? I'm planning on getting into this niche but have no money or experience with PPC so it would be a strictly SEO site. What would you recommend?

Thanks for any help you can provide

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It does change from time to time but it's going well for me.

One thing you can do to check for overall "buzz" in that niche is to look at the gravity of related products in the ClickBank Marketplace to see how high they are. More gravity points are awarded for recent sales so that can give you some idea of how the niche is performing.
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The first site I built was panic/anxiety-related. It's about six or seven weeks old and I'm starting to get a trickle traffic from SEO.

It took about a month for me to get my first sale from natural SEO traffic. I haven't seen any additional sales from SEO yet, but a few of my keywords are moving up in rankings and will hopefully hit the first page soon.

The commissions are pretty high for these products and well worth the wait, in my opinion.
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