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Long tail keyword research

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Long tail keyword research

I am a bit stalled on doing long-tail keyword research and wonder what others do in such a situation.

Let's say, I want to promote an offer on "healthy dog food".
So - I head over to Google and start typing: healthy dog food i... and look at the suggested search terms and I pick for example: healthy dog food ingredients and a search returns 69,700,000 results.
A exact match (in quotes) returns 49,900 results and using intitle prefix returns 225 results.
I then head over to Wordtracker and search for healthy dog food ingredients and it finds zilch.
Then I check the keyphrase in the External Keyword Tool and it returns 110 broad or 58 exact searches per month which doesn't make sense and it appears, that this keyphrase wouldn't be lucrative.

And if I check the popularity of "healthy dog food for puppies" I get only 16 per month!!! (Broad and "not enough data" for exact.)

How is it, that Google suggests "healthy dog food for puppies" and Google's KW tool doesn't return any results.
Basically I either end up with a too broad keyphrase that has a bizillion competition or (per the search term popularity results) only trickle results.

Some insight here would be very helpful!

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Hi Dev,
I would not put too much faith or rely on tools to decide what keywords too use and what niches too choose.
Yes, they are all handy and guide you in the right direction, but testing is the only way to really see if a market or keyword is going to be profitable.

Going for keywords with a higher search count in Google will be better though.
Also, some of your 30+ articles on your website will be better and convert much higher than other pages with targeted keywords you are using. So even though a keyword has a lower count it can still add to your overall sites user experience.

You may build 10 sites and only 3 will be consistently profitable even though you researched your niche and keywords.
You may be lucky and have all 10 make money consistently ... and that's what we all want..lol

Just my 2 cents.

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