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Keywords that convert

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Keywords that convert

In the video "Keywords that convert" we'er told that we need to use keywords in our titles that people are searching for, and then to write an article that is relevant to that specific keyword.

My question is this......When we do our keyword research in Traffic Travis and Google and come up with our 30 keyword phrases with 3 or more words and a search volume of around 1500, then aren't these keywords that we end up with specific phrases that people are typing in the search engine?.

I got a little confused because Mark gave an example of "German Shepard" which is too general, but maybe use "How to Stop German Shepard from Biting", if this phrase came up in the Google research results then of coarse I might use it, but German Shepard doesn't fit our 3 words and our 1500 search volume

If the keywords I come up with in the Google Keyword tool with the proper criteria of search volume and keyword phrases, then shouldn't I use these keywords and only worry about writing a relevant article to that specific keyword?

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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,
Mark was just speaking off the cuff.
In answer to your question "Yes, You use specific phrases that people are typing in the search engine"
You can go for 2 word keywords if you like but Mark recommends 3.
I have sites with 2 keywords on some pages.
There is no right or wrong here and Mark is just showing you what he does.
Just keep going with what you said as you are on the right track.

Does that help?
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