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Is it better to include one keyword a few times or use many different keywords in my blog?
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You should make your blog for visitors not search engine robots.

With that said, we still have to 'direct' those robots in the right direction, fortunately the search engines are getting better and better at spotting good quality sites so all we may end up doing pretty soon (if not now), is just writing content how we naturally speak.

Use as many related keywords as you can/want, don't get caught up in density and all that stuff or your site will read like a robot wrote it.

Choose 1-2 keywords per page then add whatever related words you want, use what comes naturally and use what is needed to give the message. Also throw in some content that isn't even targeting any specific keywords.

Remember the top content sites (eHow, AOL, Mahalo, etc.) started out just creating great content, later on when they wanted to maximize revenue that's when they started focusing on Onpage-SEO more.
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tankctrlr wrote:You should make your blog for visitors not search engine robots.

I agree with you sir.. It must be interesting for your readers and visitors so they will visit you again.. This will gonna be your foundation to make your SEO better and target your desired keywords.
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