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Keywords and Categories.

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Keywords and Categories.

Hi all ,

I am following the affiloblueprint course, and I came up with a decent list of keywords ( 300).

Now when I order them by categories , I just end up with not more than 3 of them??? Excluding Product name and Product type.

What did I do wrong ?

What can I do to have more categories to play with ?

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You didnt do anything wrong. It is great if you have so many potential articles to write in these categories.

I don't know the niche you are in but you can either split your "big" categories into little pieces. You could have a look at other people's sites in your niche to come up with new ideas.

Or you could think about a new category and then search for keywords you could write articles about that fit into this category.

Hope that helped a little ;) have a great day
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