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Keyword Research

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Keyword Research

I'm going through the AffiloJetpack training videos. In one of the videos for keyword research, Mark is using the old Google keyword tool to do keyword research. I believe this video was recorded in 2010.

Will Mark update the videos here to show how to keyword research using the new Google keyword planner tool?

Besides, is the Affilo Blueprint which currently costs $197 an updated version? Even if it is not, can the methods taught here can stand against the test of time?
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I subscribed to Affilo Blueprint in late February this year (2014) and I'm not ready to jump on AffiloJetpack. I just could not afford it.

On the keyword research part, which is on Step 2, the guide does not use Google Keyword Tool. It shows us how to research for keywords using AffiloTools and Traffic Travis. I learn a lot more in Step 2 about how to do niche keyword research in different methods. My advice is not to take each step as final when you gather a minimum or enough amount of keywords. Keep coming back to previous steps as necessary when you march on to following steps.

I'm in Step 4, which is setting up WordPress. I have mentioned this in other posts about WordPress. The guide used previous version of WordPress, which made it confusing it to maneuver current version. Not only this step, but it occurs in previous steps as well.

When I found something that is out of place because it is outdated or out of order, I just use common sense. If I cannot really find one, I contact customer support.
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