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Keyword Competition Research with Traffic Travis. Need Help.

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Keyword Competition Research with Traffic Travis. Need Help.

Ok, so I am targeting a keyword phrase which is related to health niche. I put that phrase in the TrafficTravis to check up on my would-be competitors and got this result:


/*complete image: http://i50.tinypic.com/119w2oj.gif *\

The competitors are WebMD, medicinenet, emedicinehealth, mayoclinic which dominate this niche. These sites don't have the exact the KW phrase in their site titles and H1 tags..but they are closely related. So say, If say I am targeting KW like "Treat Cardiovascular Disoder" then the competitors have something like "Cardiovascular Disorder Treatment" or "Treating Cardivascular Disorder". That is why there are so many "X" in the columns.

DO you think I should still go for this keyword or will that be a bad decision?

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i actually just got done watching the keyword research webinar, and my advice would be to go ahead and promote it. By looking at your screen shot, i saw a lot of x's. That is great for you. from my understanding of what mark has been say is, if your web page has less x's then the other guy, then you win. I am new to this, but in my humble opinion, i say go for it. I hope that hepls

Best of luck
K Smooth
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