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Is it best to have one type of product or many?

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Is it best to have one type of product or many?

Hello. I'm seeking opinions/insight. Which do you think would be wiser, to have one site offering multiple kinds of products, anything from dog training to learning languages, or to have one site for one type of product and another site for another type? Thanks for your help everyone.
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It depends on how you're planning to do it. Are you going to do SEO or PPC? Reviews, sales pitches or blogs? Are you wanting to build a list?

If you haven't already, take a look at the Reviewica section. This shows an Affilorama member creating a review site for affiliate products from "learn piano" to "dog training". I don't know if topics get much more diverse than that!

The thing that ties this site together is that it's primary purpose is to offer reviews of information products. That's an important factor... you need a reason to be promoting lots of products on the one site. It needs to make sense. If you were to visit a page with really diverse products on it... what would you think?

Also your site needs to be sufficiently categorized and each topic sufficiently isolated from the others so that it makes sense to the search engines as well. If you've got dog training on the same page as learn piano the search engines won't know what you're actually about.

It's usually easier to create a separate site for each niche. You can have multiple products on the one site... just have them be related. This is what I do for most of my affiliate sites. It also means that you can try different things on different sites and see what works better.

Hope that helps,
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I personally think you'll be better off starting with one niche. It would be way too easy to get overwhelmed if you began promoting all sorts of products.

But, all depends on where you are, so have a decent think about this.
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