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How to Sell Products of Traditional Businesses On My Site?

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How to Sell Products of Traditional Businesses On My Site?


If I have a group of existing brick and mortar businesses I want to approach to sell their stuff, how do I set up my own unique affiliate link? Do I sign them up for an existing affiliate program? How do I keep exclusivity to the link so no one else can use it? Thanks for the help
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Do these business ship products?

Why not ask them to drop-ship to YOUR costumers.

Are you sure you could compete online?

What ever they sell you could probably already find a company with an affiliate program selling the same thing.

Amazon.com has an affiliate program BTW.
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I have changed my DNS settings from hostagator but my website keeps giving me this same feedback:"you need to change your DNS settings",whenever I try to open it,regardless of which web browser I use.I've also tried to clear the cache in the browsers but still no solution is reached.Kindly help me out.
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