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How To Improve Your CTR %

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How To Improve Your CTR %

Hey guys,

I'm curious if any of you have any "clever tricks" you might want to share for me and for the rest of us to benefit from, for increasing your on page CTR.

I don't know if many of you are doing this but I'd suggest tracking everything. You can divide your daily hops by your daily visitors and figure out which percentage of people are clicking on your links.

I'm currently getting about 15 to 30% CTR on my pages.

For those that are doing much better than that, I'm specifically interested in how you word your big blue H2 or H3 links. Do you say "Click here to learn more about XYZ" or "Click here to finally get a fast computer again". I'm looking for examples and/or power words and benefit driven links.

Please share what's worked for you. :)
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actually, 15-30% is really good for an affiliate site.

best thing to do is use benefit driven call to action, and use your keywords in the link. IF people search for a specific keyword to find your page, then a link using that keyword will show the link as being relevant to them.
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One of my articles had a 50.5% CTR and is the perfect example of why not to use the word Free as one of your keywords. Highest click through, but lowest converting :o)

My average CTR is 22%, but most of my sales come from articles that have a CTR of less than 20%, so I wouldn't stress too much
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