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How to finalize the niches & products to promote?

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How to finalize the niches & products to promote?

I've followed step 1 of the ABP to pick up some niches & sub-niches with a couple of products I am interested in(as the attached image) from Clickbank, I am only able to be building only one website to promote products at this moment, so is the following my next step? :
To choose only one niche (or sub-niche?) from my list and start to come out the seed keyword list for the product(s) under the niche or sub-niche? My biggest interest is about muscle-gain & self-defense,and affiliate marketing(although still a newbie) even though the competition and profitable level may be huge different between these 3 niches.
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Yes you need to:

1. pick one niche or sub-niche. From your choices, I recommend you start with muscle building simply because this niche is more beginner-friendly.
2. do keyword research

If you still want to come up ith a very targetted niche, what you can do is to find similar websites for that niche (it can be blog sites or community websites like forums) and check the categories/sub-categories to have an idea which sub-niche you would like to use for your website.
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