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How necessary is it to have your keywords in article title?

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How necessary is it to have your keywords in article title?

I'm trying to come up with titles for my website articles. I was advised by a couple of guys on this forum not to use just my keywords for the titles, but to make my titles catchy instead, so that people will want to click on the articles and read them. That makes sense, but I was wondering how important is it really to have your keywords somewhere in the title?

I had previously thought that it was important, and that the search engines pay attention to your titles. But, then I was checking out Mark Lings "Dog Obedience" website to see eactly how he goes about it. I noticed one of the articles in the list on the side of the page was "Dog Training Essentials", but when you click on it, it changes to "Getting the Right Dog Training Tools" as the title.

Then I tryed to see what keywords he was targeting with this article by having my browser search the page for keyword strings. I searched "dog training essentials", "Dog training tools", and "the right dog training tools". But, they weren't getting any matches. So I went to View-Source in my browser to see if it would tell me his keywords in the html. It said his keywords for that article were "dog collars, and dog leads". Then I searched the page for "collars" and "leads" and they did have a lot of matches so apparently they are the keywords for that article.

So you can see in this example, Mark didn't use just his keywords for his article title, in fact he didn't even put his keywords anywhere in the title. Maybe this was his way of making this particular article title more catchy. I was just wondering if it is okay to do it this way or is it advised against? He did put his keywords into his article several times, but is that alone enough? Or should he have put them somewhere in his title as well? From a search engine perspective, does it effect your ranking any if they're not in the title?
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hi Kurt

Search engines like google use complicated algorithms that take into consideration two main things in order to get the search result.

Its a while since i read up on this so the detail might be a bit scratchy but its i bit like this:

The two factors are relevance and importance. Each of these has several intertwined and other factors contained within themselves.

But to make this easy without adding too much technical detail i'll make it brief.

Relevance: this is the keyword relevance. It can be a single keyword or keyword phrase. The relevance of the search result is made by your entry to the google interface at the time the search is made. For example if you enter a seach for 'apple', you are likely to get millions of websites at your access with a keyword within thier content that is 'apple'. A well SEO'ed site may have the word apple appear several times throughout the page, but not too much or that will be considered spamming. I have read references that say to add a particular keyword 4 times throughout your copy is good SEO practice. Plus good practice would be to inlcude your keywords in your title, description and keywords metatags.
Importance: There is a number of factors taken into consideration to measure the importance of a site for any one search keyword or keyword phrase. I recall that one is how long that site has been up and running. The longer the better. Also another is the quality of the content. As time goes by google may have an actual human check random sites that are appearing in their search engines, and rumour has it that they maybe or maybe not judge it for its level of quality content. Their are other factors that are considered.

Visit YouTube and seach for google SEO interviews. You may find useful content.

Advice from recent forum members that says make your titles catchy, and don't focus so much on the keywords in the title has some weight behind it.

But everything comes with risk. You might find that you use this method today and your site or blog etc importance makes your search rank next to useless. You might find that you use this method in two years from today at the same website and then google and other search engines look at your pages favourably.

Your guess is as good as anyones. Google makes the rules, but they don't always apply to real life situations. If you have a blog on a popular site, and you make titles to try get SEO results but then omitt to have an interesting and engaging opening then you might find you are all over the web with thousands and thousands of impressions but no one opens your link because it screams BORING.

At the end of hte day its up to you. If you include your keywords and make a catchy title then good.

Any way good luck. Use keyword or dont use keywords but dont make it boring.

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Hey Kurt,

When it comes to anything with SEO, there are no hard and fast rules. Honestly, with On page factors such as the title description, and keyword density, they will help you rank faster and with less link building. However, you can rank a page without any of them in place.

Google looks at a combination of over 200 factors when ranking a site. When they look at the overall view of your links, on page factores, PR and authority of the sites linking to you, anchor text used, etc... they add all the factors up, compare them to other sites targeting the same keyword, and that is how they determine your listing. So, if you have less of the on page factors, then you need more of the off page factors. So although on page SEO is a bit of a headache, it still takes less time than link building, so it can save you a lot of work.

probably the only seo factor that I would say is critical is having links to your page with anchor text. all the other stuff people talk about are optional, but they make rankings easier to get and keep. long term
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