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How much content do I need on my site for it to make money?

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How much content do I need on my site for it to make money?

I have built and maintained several sites in the past but never really tried to monetize them. I have spent hours on seo and research with some success. My question is how much time and effort should I put into building a comprehensive site for my niche? Just building and keeping fresh content on a site like this can be a full time job, let alone promoting it. Would a comprehensive site be a waste of time? Would I be better off building a template that would work for several niches then just changing the product? If I go the less comprehensive route how do I get traffic to a site that consists of very little? The last option that seems plausible is of course ppc. I can see how this would work but I don’t have deep pockets...for now anyway. Where should I start?
All that being said I am still working more than full time and will be doing this in the evenings. If I remain dedicated to this does anyone have a good estimate of how long it could take to start seeing some results? I don’t need to get rich but $50 every few days would sure help with the motivation.
This site has been a great resource so far, thanks!
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Its so hard to put a time frame on any money you will make. Alot of it has to do with your Market and their frame of mind but in other Markets you'll find that people are ready and willing to spend. Then you have Markets where people just want info info and more info. They will find your site and go through all the pages and leave.

You'll look in your Analytic's and see all this traffic but no conversions. At that point you should find out which keywords are triggering them to your page and just dig into that keyword. Squeeze some more juice out of that keyword until you find the impulse/buyer keywords.

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Sometimes words like that and similar when added to one of the keywords you are targeting will attract a totally different person. Just keep building your site and building your links. Google will shove your site all around the search results (especially with a new domain) for about a month or longer then before you know it you will be settled in where Google thinks you should be.

It definitely takes time and patience. As far as PPC go I wouldn't advise going that route if you dont have any experience with it. You dont want to get into a bidding war over keywords with somebody whose already established in a Market.
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