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How Long Should I Wait Before I Move On To A New Product?

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How Long Should I Wait Before I Move On To A New Product?

How long should I test the affiliate product until I change to another product.
I know that depends on kind of traffic and strategies but what if strategy and traffic wasn't the problem.
How many clicks should I have on the affiliate link to decide if it is working or not?
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Hi affiliate6,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your post.

There is no recommended length of time as to how long you should wait before you move on to a new product. The best way for me is to do a split test where I have one page showing one affiliate product, and another where I am promoting a competing product. I then track these pages and compare the clicks. The product that converts more stays, the other one goes.

Another way to determine if a product is good or not is to compare it with a competing product. This works similar to a review where you have the pros and cons of both products, then let the user decide which is the better product for them. This helps you determine which product users prefer more, and you can then replace the less converting product with another one.

I appreciate your patience and hope that helps. Have a good day!
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