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How do I write a product name review?

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How do I write a product name review?

What is it I'm looking for after I get my 25 niches with 3 words or more with 1500 search volume.

In other words the Product Name Reviews or the Author Name Reviews, is this something I find on the web site I'm promoting and write a review on either one (product or author) and write 5 review articles?

I'm also thinking of paying to have my articles written for me, and do these writers also write reviews ?

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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,

Your customers want to know how you evaluate the product on your review page. You should check the sales page of the product that you are promoting but you should not copy it. It would be best to buy the product you are promoting to review it but you could also ask the merchant for a review copy :) 50% of the merchants usually give their affiliates a free copy. Just make sure that your site is up and running.

If you don't get a copy from the merchant and you don't want to buy, you could check other people's reviews. Forums and other affiliate sites promoting the product would be able to provide the information you need for your review.

You could outsource your review articles. Just do your own research and be familiar with the product so that you'll have an idea if the articles they have submitted are good reviews of the product you are promoting.

Hope this helps.

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