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How Do I Identify A Good Niche?

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How Do I Identify A Good Niche?

Hi, my name is Nia and I'm just starting the blueprint program and trying to identify a niche. It suggest using Google Keyword Tool which gives a number of global searches for a keyword. Google no longer have Keyword Tool and replaced it with Keyword Planner. The keyword has a number for local seaches. My question, what would be a good range for a searches that could be identify as a possible good niche?
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Hi Nia,

Welcome to Affilorama! :)

The Google Keyword Planner works in a similar way as the Google Keyword Tool. Only this time, it shows you variations of your target keyword right away and automatically groups them for you. We are in the process of updating the Affiloblueprint lessons so that they show the use of the Keyword Planner instead.

Generally, a keyword with more than 75,000 global monthly searches is a sign of a good niche. For example, the keyword "weight loss" which is the main keyword of the weight loss niche. There are what we call "evergreen niches" too like relationship/dating, dropshipping, and internet marketing.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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