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How do I choose my niche?

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How do I choose my niche?

Hi everyone i am new to this forum.

I know a bit about affiliate/internet marketing but still dont have my own business in it.

One of the issues i am confused with is how far to go in a niche, i shall provide a example below:

Weight loss
Weight loss diets
Weightloss supplements

These all have a good seach volume so should i go into one area at a time with its own product per sub niche or one product to them all and the same question for backend products?

Thank you

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Hi Beth,

When choosing a niche, I suggest you choose one that you either have an interest or knowledge in. This will make researching and writing for the niche you choose enjoyable.

You can start with a weight loss sub niche like weight loss diets and find products or eBooks that on diet programs that you can sell in your site. The articles that you will be writing will be about diet programs too. Eventually, you can choose to "branch out" and include weight loss supplements. It is really up to you.
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