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How Do I Access Keyword Competition

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How Do I Access Keyword Competition

Hi there,

I have identified several related keywords that have 3000 - 60,000 searches per month in Google Keyword Planner a a product I am considering promoting. In Google Keyword Planner they are listed as High Competition.

I then added these keywords to Traffic Travis and all but the 60,000 keyword came back as easy or relatively easy difficulty. (The 60,000 keyword came in at Medium).

When I checked the results though, I found that I would be competing with Amazon, eBay etc with PR's of about 6 AND a truck load of backlinks (millions to the site, fewer to the product page)

How can I compete with that? How can it be "easy" or "relatively easy" to rank against such sites?

Also, how do ascertain how many competing websites etc are out there for a particular keyword. Someone suggested doing a Google search with AND without " around my keyword and comparing the numbers/results.

For example, the 60,000 keyword when typed into Google has 90,500,000 results. If I add " to each end of the keyword I get around 281,000 results.

What is this supposed to tell me? And is this info important?

If so, how can I use the information?


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I could be wrong but I think TT is telling you that those particular PAGES are easy/medium to beat, as the search engines rank webpages not websites in itself.

So yeah the ebay website may have zillions of links as a whole but that Page may not, and that Page may be beatable.

As for the quotes around queries, that tells google to show you only Exact Match results, so only webpages that have the exact words/phrases you entered in the exact same order. So if you searched for "red widgets" it will Not show something that has "widgets red".

I'm not sure how trying to see how many pages there are showing helps, maybe to see what everyone else is doing or to see if that subject is popular or not.

There is a way to narrow it down further though, you need to do a "allintitle:" search + Quotes + show results at 100 at a time, then click to the last results page until it says something like "we have omitted some pages very similar to the pages already displayed.", then check the number again, it should be a lot smaller, these are the pages that are targeting that topic/keyword. (Make sure you are not logged into a google account showing personal results.)
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