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How can I be a part of a focus group?

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How can I be a part of a focus group?

Hey all

I am a 17 year old in Cleveland, OH and I have no idea how to be a part of a focus group, no online a surveys, a normal focus group.

Can anyone give me some input on that place?

Thanks a lot
Hellin Knighting
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Register yourself at various online focus group collectives and start the ball rolling straight away.
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You could visit paid focus group websites (ie http://www.focusgroup.com) and submit your information to them. Marketing research companies have a database which stores the names and demographic information of potential focus groups participants. On their sites, they usually have a link that reads, “join our panel”, “become a panelist” or “Get Paid For Your Opinions”. Click on the link and fill in the information requested. Be ready to answer a lot of questions! The more information you provide, the more likely they are to call you and place you in different focus groups.

Once you’ve signed up, it might take time for the research company to invite you to participate. Market research companies work with different companies so the criteria for the type of people they are looking for changes depending on the company product, service, etc.

Hope that helps!
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