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HELP ME - is the affiliate marketing niche too competitive?

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HELP ME - is the affiliate marketing niche too competitive?

I was wondering is Affiliate marketing a good niche or is it too competitive ?
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Too competative.

Newbies are not easily bought into the game and people in the game will either use their own links to buy a product or look for bonuses from the gurus.

My Humble Opinion.
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J.C. Dean
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Affiliate marketing is an excellent niche. There is a lot of competition, but there is room for everyone.

Many people recommend that you don't start with the "make money online" niches in general.

I say: it's a choice. It's just that it's going to be a little harder in this niche. However, you will earn more per click. I mean that your visitor value will be higher than other niches in general.

And JC is right. Without knowing a couple of insider techniques like bonuses, you'll have a hard time to make consistent sales... PLUS it's much harder to rank for seo in the make money online niche...

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