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Google Search for Research

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Google Search for Research

This morning, I'm reviewing how best to use special Google search parameters. Right now, most interested in searching for forums ("fora" for you students of Latin) in the niche market I'm currently researching.

Pretty Amazing:
With the following Google search phrase, I was able to find my own recent post right here in Affilorama, "More on visual marketing", in a few milliseconds from among the billions of pages online.

"visual marketing" forum:sales page
(Note use of quotes only in the first part)

Here are a few more typical Google search types:
Domain Search:
apples site:.edu
Finds search term "apples" in only ".edu" domains

Exact Match Search:
Exact match (for a phrase or a single word)

'Or' Search:
Red apples or green apples
Finds either "red apples" OR "green apples"

Negative Search:
Red apples -green, -"rotten apples"
Find red apples, but not green apples or "rotten apples"

Site Search:
iraq site:nytimes.com
Find news stories about Iraq in the New York Times online edition

Wild Card Search:
Obama voted * on the * bill
Gives you stories about different votes on different bills.
Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.

Synonym Search:
~fast food
Use that "Tilde" keyboard key. Finds "fast food", "healthy food", "junk food", etc.

Local Search:
Pizza 94965
Finds pizza in Sausalito, CA

Similar Page Search:
Finds pages similar to the CNN home page

related "memory loss" www.cnn.com
Finds stories on CNN and also other sites related to the "memory loss" stories on CNN. For example, it finds Twitter tweets about those CNN stories and books on Amazon about "memory loss"

Hope this helps...

Any more Google search tips, anyone???
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Hi jimcoe,

Thank you for sharing yet another informative post! :) I've used some of these myself and I think newbies can refer to these various Google search methods.

You can also search for your backlinks in Google by typing in the search box:


Have a good day!
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Here's a link to a useful list of advanced search query operators, with info on how and why to use them:

And Google's "Tips for Searching" pages:
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