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Global Monthly Searches Exact Meaning Please

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Global Monthly Searches Exact Meaning Please

Hi all,

I'm curious, what does global monthly searches mean. For example, for the keyword I am targeting, it shows 1,600 global monthly searches on exact. Does this mean it is searched 1,600 times per day or 1,600 times per month?

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The results from the google keyword tool are monthly, and are based on an average of 3 months worth of results.
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Global Monthly Searches is the average monthly searches over a period of 12 months for a keyword entered from anywhere in the world or the approximate number of searches of that keyword in the past month across the whole word.

In your example, does 1600 global monthly searches on exact means it is the number of searches per day? Exact means specifically that keyword and nothing else. So, the keyword is searched 1600 times per month using exact in match type.
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