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Free cloud storage with highest maximum bandwidth

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Free cloud storage with highest maximum bandwidth

I am running a blog about Movie songs and lyrics but very few visitors my blog is getting. I am looking to provide download features as well in my blog. But I guess I would need some webspace to store my files which I am looking to provide for downloading to my users. I don't want to buy web space rather than I would like to use any free cloud storage service. I want to know which cloud service will provide maximum download bandwidth?
If there is any other way of doing this please suggest that too. Thanks....
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I would only choose from these top 3 cloud storage companies: Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. Although Dropbox only offers 2GB free storage compared to the two which offers up to 15GB free storage. You may also want to look at Google Music which is a separate service of Google. Google Music offers 15,000 songs for free.
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