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Finding "Money Keywords" or Good "SEO Keywords"

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Finding "Money Keywords" or Good "SEO Keywords"

Hello Affilorama!

This is Heather and I am a proud newbie. I've been watching the recorded webinars and have become very interested in the topic pertaining to Money keywords or SEO keywords. If you have the time, could you please explain what you feel are the most important characteristics of Money keywords and SEO keywords? I am expecting a variety of answers; the more informaion the better.


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Heather L Mackey
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Hi Heather,

In my opinion there are 3 main categories you should be interested in:

1. Product names: If someone is searching for a product name then they know what they are looking for and are very likely to be considering buying it already. This works in all niches, whether you are promoting info products or physical products.

2. Crisis/Problem keywords: If someone has a problem or crisis that needs solving, then they need information and some people will be willing to pay money for the best and easiest to digest information. e.g. "stop dog digging", "catch cheating spouse", "stop divorce", "stop cat scratching", "cure female infertility", etc.

3. How to/lessons/learn keywords: These don't convert as well as crisis keywords, but still converts to sales reasonably well and often has higher search volume. e.g. people might type: how to play guitar, dog training, spanish lessons online, learn french, etc.

Most other phrases to me are often not relevant enough, e.g. 'german shepherd' does not convert very well at all when trying to promote a dog training product. But 'german shepherd training' does convert ok, 'stop dog aggression' converts even better.

I hope this helps and all the best!

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