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Feedback on my New Webpage Layout

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Feedback on my New Webpage Layout

Hi everyone,

I would like some feedback on my new page layout if possible please?


I inserted a new video at the top right in most of my pages that's content is very similar to my page content. The reason I did this is so the visitor might click on the adsense block that is right next to the video at the top left hand side. I thought this might create some time while watching the video so they might click on an ad?

But what do you think? Does this look okay? Or do you think I should take the videos down again?

I am trying to find the best positions to place the adsense and content etc...maybe I should add an adsense block lower down too, what do you think?

Your suggestions would be much appreciated?

Thanks, Sammy
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The videos are okay, but being hit with all the adsense before I can see the content isn't. Really, I find that adsense in IM related sites is mostly wasted space. too many marketers know what adsense is and they avoid it like the plague. you will get a few clicks but not that many. Also, having it all slamming you first thing on the site will drive people away. People shouldn't have to scroll down to find where your content starts.

I would also recommend using your own videos rather than someone else's. I love lisa's blog, but having her videos builds her reputation not yours.

I would recommend 1 block of adsense near the top of the page and one lower down, so either move the content block or the one in your sidebar.

I would also redo your sidebar. the sidebar should not be twice as long as your content, which yours is on most pages. I would limit the number of posts/pages, and have less stuff going on there. Most people will ignore your sidebar anyway, so filling it up and adding more space to your posts isn't really helping you that much.
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Hi Sammy,

I visited your site and it seems you've followed James' advice. Not bad, as it greatly improved your site. It looks organized, with all your links on the sidebar and such. I find the ad/banner on the left hand side too loud and distracting though. You may also want to move the Table of Contents to the sidebar. Or maybe create a drop down menu for them?

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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