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Do Domain Extensions Matter?

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Do Domain Extensions Matter?

Let's say I'm doing a CPA offer (or affiliate blog), I do the keyword research and find my keywords. Now, I should be getting a keyword rich domain right? But, does it matter if it is a .com or say a .info. I'm asking as buying multiple domains are cheaper with .info and if it is keyword rich to begin with the extension shouldn't make a huge difference in traffic right? Could someone clear this up for me?
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Google use the TLD (Top Level Domain e.g. .com, .info) as part of the ranking algorithm and a .com will traditionally score higher than a .info, .coms will generally have a higher click-thru rate as well since they have a higher perceived authority level (due to the abuse cheaper TLDs have had (including TLDs like .biz).

Having said that there are authority sites like http://www.austria.info/ that use the .info TLD.

Keep in mind too that keywords in your domain name dont offer a lot of SEO benefit but can be helpful in PPC or getting direct traffic as they have a high perceived relevancy.
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Agreed! For me it's all about credibility. Personally, I'd put more perceived value in a site that ended ".com" (or an ending relevant to the country of origin, e.g. .co.nz, .com.au, .co.uk etc.) over a site that ended in .info.

Same goes for other less common extensions such as .net.

Especially if I was going to that site to part with my cash.

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