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Hello all I was doing some keyword Research Just now and I remember in one of the videos on here it was talking about allintitle.So I went to Google and typed a term in with the allintitle and it came back with 6,680 results and then I went to the Google keyword Tool and put the term in there it said is has 1,000 searches monthly will this make a good niche or a bad niche please help I am really Confused Right now about this one thanks.
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Hi Greg,

I suggest you consider the niche and sub-niche that you are entering prior to building a keyword list. Do your market research and determine if there is a demand within the niche you choose. Once you have decided on the niche, then you build your keyword list.

When building your keyword list, use either the Google Keyword Tool or Traffic Travis. I suggest you do not run an "allintitle" search because this will return the number of websites that have those keywords in their title and not the monthly searches for the keywords, which is what you need.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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If the keyword is a buying keyword and it has a monthly search volume of at least 1000, then you could add it to your list of keywords and optimize one of your pages on it.
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