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Confused about keyword ranking

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Confused about keyword ranking

Apparently I misunderstand how you rank for a keyword phrase. I thought that if you had a five word phrase like "how to build muscle fast" for example, and someone typed that particular phrase into google, you would rank higher than someone who just used a variation of it as their keywords. But, I just noticed that that is not necessarily the case. If you type "how to build muscle fast" into google for example, the first one listed has all five of those words in the title. The second one, however, just has four of the words, "how to build muscle" but it doesn't have the word 'fast". The third one has "build muscle fast" in the title but not the "how to". The fourth one, once again has all five of the words in the title, "how to build muscle fast".

This just isn't even right. How do some people out ranking other people for a keyword phrase that they themselves aren't even using? They might only have two of the five words that got typed into google and yet they managed to rank higher than someone who has all five of the words. What's up with that?
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Kurt wrote:What's up with that?

It all depends on how relevant your site is, how well you have optimized it, original content, sites linking into your site etc..etc..
This is all about SEO.
How else will the search engines determine what site is good or not?
Keywords are just a small fraction of the overall factors on how a site will rank.
If 100 people all choose the same 5 phrase word string, then Google needs to see who has the best site and they do this by how good your site is optimized and the value you give to the end user.

Hope that helps.

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It also has a lot to do with the anchor text of the backlinks that are pointing to the web page. Google takes the anchor text into consideration, and in fact this is probably more important that any on-page factor like keywords listed on the page.

Politics aside, the personal biography for President George W. Bush was infamously ranked for the term "miserable failure" by people with strong feelings about the president simply because they linked to his biography with the anchor text "miserable failure." I'm pretty sure his official biography didn't contain the term "miserable failure" :)
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