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Compiling my keywords.

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Compiling my keywords.

Hi there,

I am still compiling my list of keywords for my niche/product, and I have a question.

When doing so, i use ubbersuggest and google keyword Tool for ideas.

Now when I m using Google Keyword Tool, I mainly select the keywords with the biggest Global monthly Search cos I think they are the one to most likely convert.

Am I doing right ? or should I not look at it too much for now and once I have my list of keywords ready , just check the rank with Traffic Travis ?

Please let me know your thoughts based on your experience, and assess me !

Thanks a lot.
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Hi Pierre,

The global monthly searches will show you how many use the keyword each month. The higher the number usually means the more traffic from that keyword. Check on the competition for the keyword as well. There are keywords that have high global monthly searches but have high competition. If you are starting out, I suggest you look at keywords with fairly high global monthly searches, but have easy to medium competition.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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