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Commisions for affilates

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Commisions for affilates

Hi, I am a newbie. I want to know if I send a customer thru PPC or SEO to the merchant website, the customer instead of buying the product, subscribes to the free newsletter /mincourse, and buys the product later thru the newsletter /minicourse does the affiliate still get the commission for this sale?

Another question. Can I directly link my PPC ads to the merchant site using the google Adword search and content network.

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Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, it creates a cookie that stores your affiliate code so that the merchant can track who referred that visitor. So even if he did not immediately purchased the product but decided to buy it on later date instead, you will still get the commission. Not unless he clears his browser's cookies! :) By the way, remember that merchants set the expiration of the cookie to a certain number of days like 30 days, 90 days, etc. So if a visitor signs up after the cookie expires, you will not get a commission.

And yes, you can directly link your PPC ads to the merchant site using your affiliate link.
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You also need to be aware that if the customer clicks on another affiliate link after yours, the other affiliate will get credit for the sale (this is for Clickbank products).
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