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Clothing + Apparel Market, any affiliates?

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Clothing + Apparel Market, any affiliates?

Hey Guys, I have been a lurker on this forum for a little while and wanted to ask the community here if anyone has ever promoted a clothing product/brand before? I own a small consulting firm that specializes in affiliate marketing and we're about to take on a brand new client who sells beach/outdoors niche shirts and hoodies with a conservation project tied in.
Anyone have experience that might give me some insight on which network to choose for them or some tips/experience you have had working with clothing offers. Great forums and looking forward to being an active member!
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Greg Powell
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Hi Greg,

I've done great promoting several different clothing brands and have used a bunch of different networks. My favorite has been Commission Junction as it's cleaner, easier to use and automatically tells me if links are broken or outdated, plus many of them redirect when they are changed. In other networks links have expired and then clicks are just wasted (not a good way to treat affiliates).

Of course the success will depend more on attracting and helping the right affiliates rather than on the network alone. Provide good tools, good ads and be involved and you should do well.
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