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Clarification on KW Research/Analysis Using Traffic Travis

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Clarification on KW Research/Analysis Using Traffic Travis

Could you tell me if I am on the right track regarding keyword research and analysis.

But first, are all the methods you show (in Video 1 and the supplemental Market & Research Analysis video) to find keywords done for the purpose of building as large a keyword list as possible? (or up to 2000...the max for the paid version of Traffic Travis )

So if there were steps to take, would it go something like...

1) Use Wordtracker (free or paid version) to gather keywords, import/save in Traffic Travis.

2) Enter terms related to your niche in Traffic Travis, and save those, along with the terms you have already gathered in

3) Visit active forums on your niche to get more keywords and import/save them in Traffic Travis.

4) Visit Ebay, Amazon, etc., to gather more useful keywords, import/save in Traffic Travis.

5) Obtain search counts for all of your keywords in Traffic Travis (or Google KW Suggestion tool if some counts are not yet
available in Traffic Travis).

Here are some things I am unclear on...

If "search" counts for some of the keywords are not yet available in Traffic Travis, is there a way to get them from Google Suggestion and manually input it into Traffic Travis?

Is the primary factor for "competition" in Traffic Travis determined by the volume of PPC advertisers or number of advertisers paying for keywords?
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Hi there,

I see that you're an Affiloblueprint member. Aletta added a video in the AffiloBlueprint members area that really helps with keyword research (Aletta's Keyword Research Lesson).

These are the basic steps on building a keyword list:
1.Choose a profitable product from Clickbank based on gravity.
2.Research your market by going into forums or other sites.
3.Use traffic travis to build a list and then sort them into different categories.
4.Run your keyword list into Google keyword tool (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal ).
5.Choose the best 25 keywords based on search volume You want your keyword to receive at least 15-30 search count in Wordtracker, or 1500/month in the Google keyword tool. Make sure they're three words or more.
6.At least 5 of your keyword phrases should be "product name" + "review" or "author name" + "review". You can also have one article called "best niche name guides". (e.g. "best dog training guides")

Mark also had a couple of posts regarding keyword questions:

Hope that helps.
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