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Can you still get synonyms at the Google Keyword Tool?

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Can you still get synonyms at the Google Keyword Tool?

I was watching an instructional video on YouTube about how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Tool. In the video I could see that the Google Keyword Tool use to show synonyms for your words at the bottom of your search results. -As long as you checked the box for it to show synonyms. I don't know how old the video was but now the Keyword Tool is different and no longer has the synonyms box for you to check. I looked all over the site, but I can't find that option any where. Does anybody know if there is still a way of getting synonyms there? It seems like a useful function. I can't imagine that they'd have gotten rid of it.
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Go and buy Market Samurai, its the best tool on the market for finding your keywords and gives so much more. Look it up on Google and try a free trial and decide for yourself.
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its not as good as the old tool was, but it will still give you the option to search for the exact term or synonyms of your search terms.
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