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Can I Use The Product Name On My Domain Name?

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Can I Use The Product Name On My Domain Name?

I have found a niche that I am interested in and a product on Clickbank with a high gravity.

Is it better to build a site with the product name in the url or build a more general site with specific pages promoting this one product?

If I use the product name in the url, this is the only product I can promote on this website. So, is it worth it to build a website around one specific product?

I was considering:

- Building a larger website on the niche topic or
- Building a site around the specific product and a larger website down the road

I would love any thoughts or advice.


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Hiya Mindy,

We would usually recommend building a site around a particular topic or need, rather than around a specific product. You may want to branch out and promote other products in future, and it looks a bit strange if your domain name is the name of a competitor's product.

Plus if the product you're promoting ever goes out of fashion, a more general domain name means you can easily switch to another product.
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Hi Mindy,

Aletta is correct. On top of what she said, there are vendors/merchants that do not like affiliates to use their brands on the domain name so using the the brand or part of it on the domain name is not advisable. We have a post on how to pick a good domain name that might help you: How do I choose a domain name?
How to avoid losing traffic from a poorly chosen domain name

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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